A stage is not just for concerts …

A stage is not just for concerts …

I quite often get asked what it is we do at Pitch Black.

It’s a surprisingly hard question to answer.

There are assumptions that a sound and lighting company just deals with music, and that staging is simply for concerts. But that just isn’t true.

Our mobile stages have been used for a variety of projects, and their versatility means they are able to adapt to a range of situations.

Yes, our stages have hosted concerts. Our Ecostage is a firm favourite for that, with plenty of space and practical height allowing good visibility for the audience. Our Bandstand trailer provides a brilliant platform for traditional bandstand entertainment, or a less formal concert set-up where there may be less of a divide between audience and stage. You can even fit a 5 piece band on our Roadshow unit! It’s cosy, but very possible.

But we have also used our stages for alternative projects.

Our Roadshow Unit hosted VIP’s and dignitaries as the cycling event Tour of Britain passed through Mid Sussex. A perfect covered platform for VIP visibility and protection from the elements.

Awards ceremonies have been held on both the Roadshow Unit and Ecostage. With step (or ramp) access to the Ecostage from both sides, it really lends itself to an outdoor graduation ceremony or prize-giving. The compact nature of the Roadshow Unit means it can be quickly and easily deployed for smaller events such as sports days.

A mobile stage trailer can be an excellent and highly visible base for event information. Our stages are used as announcement platforms and information points.

Our Bandstand unit can also function as a raised marquee, providing exceptional protection from the elements and a perfectly level floor on which to dance.

Between them, our mobile stage trailers have been used for:

Choirs, Prize-giving,  Commentary, VIP seating, Flamenco displays, Acrobatics displays, Contemporary dance, Plays and musical theatre performances, Information and announcements, Judging galley, Puppetry, Magic acts, oh and of course, concerts.

We’ve put our stages in car-parks, roads, shopping precincts, promenades, fields (both well kept and more rural!) and even on a beach.

Where will your imagination take our stages next?

We’d love to hear your ideas.

Roadshow unit by Pitch Black Mobilestage at Haywards Heath Town Day

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